Black Belt Register

We live in an instant society. One where we can go to a fast food drive through and get a meal within a matter of minutes, or if we want to speak to someone right now, we just call them on their cell phone. Karate is one of the few things that can never be instant. One can never be an instant black belt. A black belt takes ultimate commitment, thousands of hours of practice and dedicated discipline.

Below is the  JKS North Shore Karate Black Belt Register

Japan RegistrationNameSurnameCurrent GradeDate achievedClubExaminers StatusInstructors StatusReferee StatusStatus
30788SeanJosephGodanNov-21Browns Bay & OrewaB levelB levelB levelActive
60513KennyNguyenYondanJun-22TakapunaD levelD levelActive
11573AndrewDowneySandanNov-2022TakapunaD levelD levelD levelActive
11572GilvanLemos Da SilvaSandanNov-2022TakapunaD levelD levelD levelActive
49073JamesLawrenceNidanSep-19Browns BayD levelD levelIn-Active
39395NickKrajancicNidanMar-22OrewaD levelD levelActive
49091StuartFarleyNidanMar-22Browns BayActive
42816LesleyEckardNidanMar-22OrewaD levelD levelActive
49094BorisTomazicShodanSep-19Browns BayIn-Active
49076AlvinLiShodanMar-22Browns BayActive