The JKS North Shore Karate Instructors want to make sure our students strive to be the best they can be.

We run our Karate Dojo having:

  • Respect for one another
  • A fun factor involved
  • A family environment
  • Hard focused training sessions
  • A safe environment to train
  • A friendly and open Dojo
  • Equality in all things without prejudice

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Sensei Sean has always been interested in martial arts and took up karate training later in life.

Sensei Sean attained his shodan after 5 years of intensive training. Grade to 1st Dan in November 2005

Changing from his original style to JKS has been one of his many great challenges in 2007,and achieved the JKS Shodan status, tested by Sensei Lee on the 20th March 2009. He now holds Shodan in 2 styles of Karate.

Sensei Sean achieved his Ni-dan (2nd Dan) on the 26th March 2010, Tested By Shihan Lee (8th Dan)

Sensei Sean achieved his SANDAN (3rd Dan) in Dec 2013 under the examination of Kagawa Masao Shuseki Shihan (9th Dan) 

Sensei Sean achieved the level of YONDAN (4th Dan) in OCT 2017 under the examination of Kagawa Masao Shuseki Shihan (9th Dan) 

Sensei Sean achieved the level of GODAN (5th Dan) in NOV 2021 under the examination of Kagawa Masao Shuseki Shihan (9th Dan) 

Sensei Sean agrees wholeheartedly with the view that once you get your 1st Dan, you are only at the very beginning of your Karate career. Every training session should be about bettering your technique, speed and knowledge every time 

Sensei Sean visits and trains with the esteemed Sensei's like Kagawa Shihan, Yamaguchi Shihan , Kanyama Shihan and the other Honbu Dojo sensei's  on his yearly trip to the JKS Honbu Dojo in Tokyo Japan. The 4 days of intense training and information he collects he brings back to New Zealand and tries to impart this information to his students

Sensei Sean has also attained the qualification of a Regional Karate NZ referee

Sensei Sean has also attained the international qualification levels for JKS - B - Instructor, C - Referee and B - examiners


Sensei Kenny has been very passionate about Karate since he was still an 8 y/o boy. At the age of 23, in 2004, he obtained his Yondan under the examination of WKF Shotokan - Ho Chi Minh City Association. Later in the same year, he had the Kata and Kumite training with Sensei Shiina and achieved the qualification of National Referee Level B in the Kata category. He ran a local Karate club and was the head instructor from 2002 - 2011 and his students gained a lot of achievements in the regional competitions.

After a 10-year break, Sensei Kenny made a comeback when his kids were keen to do Karate like their dad. In mid 2021, they joined JKS Takapuna and has been practising Karate since then.

In June 2022, he successfully passed his Yondan ratification under JKS grading panel. In the NZ National Cup 2021, he got Bronze in Male Senior Kata division. In the same competition held in 2022, he won Silver in the same division and came 4th in Male Open Kata division.

In November 2022 Sensei Kenny achieved Examiner D level and Instructor D level at the Nation Dan grading 


Sensei Leslie started off in the martial arts with Judo in 1981 and Karate in 1985 in Pretoria, South Africa. Leslie trained under 9th Dan Hanshi Koos Burger(SASKA) up to 1st Kyu in 1990, and also competed at national level during his high school year in kata and kumite.

Sensei Leslie has always been part of the Shotokan family and has trained karate on and off throughout his life. He has been fortunate to be shown “the way” by his own father,
who has trained under many great masters including Kanazawa and Yamaguchi.

Leslie immigrated to New Zealand in 1997, and attained his Shodan in 2019 under the watchful eye of JKS Shihan Cooper Drent, and his Nidan in 2022 under both Shihan Cooper and Sensei Sean Joseph.

Sensei Leslie is an electrical engineer by profession, and believes in the scientific application of karate.

In his spare time he also plays golf at a high level.

Sensei Leslie is a husband and father of 2 children, living in the North of Auckland, near Waitoki.


Sensei Nick started Karate in 1990 and trained on and off since then, primarily with JKS Shotokan.

With numerous old rugby injuries affecting his flexibility, he was ready to give up Karate in 2016. However, with Sensei Sean's unending encouragement, he got back into training in 2017, and with Sensei's guidance and whole hearted support, finally graded to Shodan in 2019.

Nick graded to Nidan in March 2022 under the watchfull eye of the JKS grading panel

Nick is proof that you don't need to be a gifted athlete to attain a Black Belt – just determination, quality instructors and lots of sweat. With that attitude anybody can do it – if they want it!


Sensei Andrew initially obtained his Shodan in Goju Ryu karate-do with the I.K.G.A in 1984 - 35 years ago. His passion for karate was re-ignited when his son and daughter showed an interest. He joined JKS in 2018, and has successfully re-tested for his Shodan belt in Ireland in 2019, under the watchful eye of Shihan Kagawa.

In 2019 Andrew competed in, and achieved a silver in kumite at the New Zealand championships.

He also represented New Zealand at the 5th JKS World Cup in Ireland in 2019, and achieved a bronze medal in Kumite.

Late in 2019, he competed in the JKA National Competition and won the Kumite, and came 3rd in the Senior Kata division.

In 2020 Sensei Andrew received his Nidan from the JKS New Zealand Shihankai at the JKS National Championships 2020 In Christchurch.

Sensei Andrew became the JKS New Zealand 2020 Men's Open and Men's Senior Kumite and Kata Champion 

In Novemeber 2022 Sensei Andrew received his Sandan from the JKS New Zealand Shihankai at the JKS National Grading


Sensei Gilvan is from Brazil, and has been practicing Karate since he was 12 years old. He has trained in other styles of Karate up to Black Belt level before coming to New Zealand.

Passionate about the Budo of Karate, he enjoys both the dojo training and competitions.

He was graded to Shodan by Shihan Kagawa, head of the Japan Karate Shoto Federation, in 2019.

In 2020 Sensei Gilvan achieved Nidan status at the JKS NZ championship 2020 under the examination of the JKS Shihankai

Sensei Gilvan became the Open Kata champion and second in Senior Men's Kumite at the JKS NZ 2020 Championships in Christchurch

In 2022 Sensei Gilvan has become a regional judge for Karate New Zealand

In Novemeber 2022 Sensei Gilvan received his Sandan from the JKS New Zealand Shihankai at the JKS National Grading


Sensei Stuart (Stu) started out his Karate journey as a way to get fitter and stronger back in 2011.

He initially trained in the Goju-Ryu style of Karate getting to 1st Kyu Brown Belt before transferring to JKS in 2017.

Moving from one style to another is always a challenge, but with the encouragement and support of Sensei Sean, Stuart quickly saw the benefits of Shotokan Karate with its broad range of techniques and applications, and was made welcome into the dojo family.

Having started when he was older, being patient with your body was something he quickly learnt, so if you are starting out Karate later in life, or re-starting it, give your body time to gain strength and flexibility. It will come, but over a longer period so don't be discouraged.

Stuart was graded to Shodan in 2019 under the watchful eyes of Sensei Cooper, Sensei Philip and Sensei Trevor from JKS NZ.

He graded to Nidan in March 2022 and the watchfull eye of the JKS Grading panel