Junro Kata Videos

The Junro Katas consist of 5 katas that the late Asai sensei developed. Sensei Asai wanted to ensure that the students developed lesser used striking techniques, stances and spinning techniques resulting in the 5 junro katas.

Junro Shodan

Use the accumulated power that is produced by changing the stances

Junro shodan is the first kata in the Junro series. It trains push and pull, which is the variation of distance via hip and leg control. The core of the kata is the control of the support leg.

The student learns how to quickly change distance (ma’ai) by moving from zenkutsu dachi to neko ashi dachi and back to zenkutsu dachi. The kata concentrates on the Gyaku Zuki punch.

Junro Nidan

Simultaneous offence and defence using both hands

The Junro Nidan teaches the two-handed technique starting from the hip as a central concept.

There are combinations of block and counterattack, double-handed block as well as an ambidextrous attack. Particular attention should be paid to correct posture, hip movement and position.

Junro Sandan

Using various strikes for offence and defence

The core element is different striking techniques (uchi-waza) with uraken (back fist) and empi (elbows). These are practiced in various ways, for example by striking from the inside, from the outside, horizontally, vertically, in large and in small movements.

Junro Yondan

Make full use of your body's turning motion using your hips as the axis point

Junro Yondan stands out a bit from the entire range. This is mainly due to the many rotations (kaiten), which require a high degree of control during hip movements, for example with a 360° rotation followed by a tsuki (punch).

This kata teaches you to keep your balance while maintaining a correct, upright posture. The line of movement (embusen) deviates from the more straightforward movements of the other kata; in the second part of the kata the practitioner moves on a zigzag line.

Junro Godan

Various footwork movements to smoothly link the skills

The focus of Junro Godan is on footwork (unsoku), this happens through different types of movement, Yori-ashi, Okuri-ashi and others.

Junro Kata key points by Kagawa Shihan