What is Shotokan Karate-do

Shotokan, the world's best-known style of Karate, derives its name from Funakoshi's pen name Shoto. It is characterised by its effective use of attacks and blocks at far maai (the distance maintained between opponents). Conversely, the Goju, Shito and Wado styles are acknowledged for their use of close maai.

The training process for Karate today comprises four areas: kihon (basics), kumite (sparring), kata (pre-arranged series of movements and techniques) and competition. We can also divide Karate into the competition-oriented Sports Karate and Budo (martial arts) Karate, which focuses on discipline and training.

  • The ultimate aim of Karate as a martial art is not limited to only victory or defeat. It helps to face all tangible and intangible challenges to improve character through hard practice.
  • Systematic conditioning of hands and feet turn them into forceful weapon of an empty-handed self-defense art, which allows karateka to ultimately put the enemy under control with one punch or kick.
  • Every motion in karate presupposes mastering all sorts of body movements in any possible direction along with ability to stretch and bend as well as being able to jump and keep perfect balance.
  • It is a combative sport of strong willpower and precise techniques used to instantly reach the target with huge impact power.