Kumite Gi


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The Kumite Gi is a Light weight kumite uniform. Employing the “Kumite Cut” with a tailored design of longer sleeves, roomier pants utilizing an elastic waistband with drawstring and a lengthier jacket for ease of movement and a distinctive style. Reinforced stitching with this especially smooth fabric on the shoulders, under the hollow of the arm at the shoulder, and the inside area of the legs and groin is for added strength and comfort. Pace without feeling naked.

  • Approved For Competition
  • Elastic waist band
  • Comfortable non-stick polyester fabric

Approximate size charts for an average weight person. An adjustment of plus or minus a size is necessary for people with additional or less weight than average.

Image is a example only – product may differ.

Height(cms)105 - 115115 - 125125 - 135135 - 145145 - 155155 - 165167 - 175175 - 185185 - 195195 - 205
UniformSize 000/11000/1200/1301/1402/1503/1604/1705/1806/1907/200

Additional information

Kumite Gi Sizes

3/160, 3.5/165, 4/170, 4.5/175, 5/180, 5.5/185, 6/190