Woman’s CoolGuard Insert


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Cup Insert for CoolGuard Bra

Please use our sizing chart to ensure correct product selection.

Bra sizeinchcmStandard Plastic Inserts
S, 1029-31"74-78XXS, XS
M, 1232-34"80-86XS, S, M, L
L, 1435-37"88-96XS, S, M, L, XL
XL, 1638-40"97-102L, XL

Insert colour: White.

CoolGuard has passed European CE certification for use as a Martial Arts women’s chest protector. EN13277/part 6.

CE approval is mandatory for protective equipment in European karate competition. Don’t accept the risk of using non CE-certified chest protection.

Protection inserts — Plastic

Made from soft but strong Polyethylene and just 2 mm thick, the breast protection insert extends around under arm for added protection and to better locate the insert in position. Six sizes of insert are available. The complete CoolGuard offers protection against painful knocks in Karate, Boxing, Soccer, Hockey, Rugby, Football, low impact Martial Arts and many other sports.

Also excellent for Jogging where breast size and motion can cause pain and shoulder strain. CoolGuard supports the breasts and holds them firmly in their natural position and shape. Most sports bras merely compress the breasts tight against the chest.

Approved by AIBA for use in Boxing.

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CoolGuard Insert Sizes

A (XXS), AA, B (XS), AA, A(S), A, B(M), B, C(L), C (XL)