Tekki Kata Videos

The kata are performed entirely in Kiba dachi ("Horse riding stance"). The name Tekki itself (and Nifanchin) translates to "Iron Horse."

The Tekki series of kata are great conditioning for the legs and with practice, develop explosive power in the legs.

Tekki means iron horse or horse stance. Tekki Shodan is the first of the series. The tekki kata are shorei kata, emphasizing strong, powerful techniques. These kata were revised or created by Master Yasutsune Itosu. Master Funakoshi was required to spend three years learning each tekki kata. (At that time, students would spend several years learning a kata). Tekki Shodan was originally called Naihanchi and was revised by Itosu; Tekki Nidan and Sandan were created by Itosu. It is not clear why performance is on a single line, although the kata is sometimes taught as being performed in armour and/or on horseback (this would not be a practical application). The meaning of the kata could also be defence with ones back against a wall; or, in a boat. The major points are lower body strength, hip vibration and side stance.

Tekki Shodan

Tekki Nidan

Tekki Sandan