Membership, Training & Grading Fees

We are a family club and strong encourage family members to sign up and learn together.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Club Membership.

Our pricing (below) reflects this.

Membership to JKS Fee

Is an annual fee of $50.00 per student, paid annually. (Applies to all students ).

This membership to JKS Japan provides the student with a ‘Passport Book’ which records your Karate lifelong progress and is required to be able to attend JKS national / international events, compete in JKS World Cup’s and is a record of events, grading and qualification tests achievements.

Training Fee

Are per School Term.

Training fees are set by each JKS dojo and entitles you to attend each class applicable your level or by invitation.

As each dojo set their own fee structure, so there may be variances, however, as an active paid training member in one dojo allows any student to train at other JKS NZ dojo’s for short periods free of charge. This is great news if you are travelling and want to keep your training program uninterrupted.

Although fees are based on a school term, the dojo in most cases continue with classes in the holiday period to allow for continuous training for your benefit.

Note, fees are due at the beginning of the term

Little Tigers Class - Ages 5-7 Years old
Number of students per family
Price per term - Twice per week - Browns Bay and Orewa
1$220 - 2 Classes per week
2$400- 2 Class per week
3 +$530 - 2 Class per week

Number of family members - Ages 7 PlusPrice per term - Browns Bay, Orewa and Takapuna Dojo's
1$220 - 2-3 Classes per week
2$400 - 2-3 Classes per week
3+$530 - 2-3 Classes per week
Term is based on school terms, on average10 weeks per term

Grading Fees and Qualification Test Fees

Are set by JKS NZ and provide the opportunity to confirm your progress and levels. Grading and Qualification tests are conducted by a suitably qualified senior JKS Examination Panel to ensure consistency and independent examination.

Once a student is ready for the next challenge and has proved proficiency at the required level, the student may be graded to the next level.

The grading fees vary per belt, and is per test and as required.

10th Kyu – 4th Kyu

3rd Kyu – 1st Kyu

All Dan grades




Plus Grade registration with Japan


Do Gi (uniform)$90.00 with badge
Black BeltPOA