Sports Chaplaincy

Introducing Claus Fuchs, one of our Shodan karate-ka.

Claus has just qualified as a sports chaplain. Sports Chaplains are volunteers in sports communities providing free, accessible pastoral care, support and mentoring to club members, club officials and their families at the dojo and at the point of need, irrespective of religion, lifestyle and beliefs.

The effect of having Sports Chaplains in sports communities is improved mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing leading to better people, better lives, better outcomes and better communities.

Sports Chaplains are not sports psychologists or replacements for family guidance or trained counsellors. Sports Chaplains act as first responders to assist people in need of help when that need first arises.

Some of the services Sports Chaplains provide are:

  • Grief, loss and bereavement support
  • Critical incident response and recovery
  • Life-skills mentoring
  • Mental wellbeing support;
  • Suicide awareness and intervention
  • Home and hospital visitations
  • Transitions in life and career guidance and support.

Have a chat to him if you have something to discuss which might be too confrontational to do so with your friends and family, or other karate-ka at the dojo.