Welcome to JKS Shotokan Karate - North Shore

Based in Browns Bay, Hibiscus Coast (Orewa) and Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland City, we are your local, family oriented and outcome focused Karate Club. We are passionate about teaching Karate to both children and adults, and at the same time, building their self esteem, strength and discipline. With a new motto: “Lifelong Karate-do”, the JKS organisation promotes and expands the art of empty hand among different age and social groups, aiming to improve society as a whole


There is so much that Karate can offer you and your family

Fun and fitness

Builds confidence

Great for discipline and self-control

For the whole family

A great way to make new friends

All ages and abilities

All round exercise

Self defence

Tournaments if you want to compete

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Little tigers

Why JKS Shotokan Karate - North Shore

Mission Statement

The aims and objectives of JKS North Shore Karate club is to foster, administer and advance the art of traditional Shotokan Karate here in New Zealand.

Our goal is to teach, motivate, educate and guide our students and instructors while promoting exemplary ethics in Karate-Do.

We promise to do this through regular training of the highest order, course and grading events, special courses, and of course, competitions for both juniors and seniors alike.

Our classes are tailored for both young children, through to adult karate-ka at all levels.

Other Key Benefits

  • Build self esteem and self-control
  • Be healthier in body, mind and spirit
  • Be more confident
  • Learn effective techniques
  • Learn discipline
  • Learn how to avoid getting involved in physical confrontations
  • Be less likely to abuse alcohol, smoke, or take drugs
  • Be more respectful towards yourself and others
  • Be regarded as a role model
  • Keep in shape while having fun

Black Belt Gradings for JKS Shotokan Karate - Auckland

7 new Shodan Black Belts

Browns Bay & Takapuna Dojos

On Saturday the 18th of March 2023, we held a Shodan grading with 7 of our students . I am very pleased to announce that all seven of them did exceptionally well.

Congratulations to Marcel Fourie, Chris Baker, Jacob Baker, Shane’ Du Plooy, Rowan Downey, Layla Downey and Claus Fuchs for attaining your Shodan level. I am very proud of you all for the hard work you have put in to achieved this.

Only those that have come before you (and your families) will be able to understand the time, work, and dedication it takes to become a black belt. For some it has been a journey of 10 years, for others a bit less - 6 years.

To achieve black belt status, a dojo requires at least 100 plus people to start karate over the period you have been training – our club - JKS North Shore , has just achieved 7 Black belts!!!  You are therefore that special person that never gives up.

Oss - your apprenticeship is now over, and the real Karate learning starts.

Thank you to all the Sensei’s from JKS NZ that helped you on the way.

Sensei Sean


From LtoR: Sensei Andrew, Marcel Fourie, Jacob Baker, Chris Baker, Claus Fuchs, Rowan Downey, Sensei Sean, Shane’ Du Plooy, Layla Downey and Sensei Gilvan

Sensei Okomota in Auckland New Zealand, 2023

We welcomed Sensei Okamoto on Tuesday morning and had a fantastic week planned for her.

1st Up was JKS Orewa – we had a total of 50+ attend the class of 1 ½ hour training. Sensei worked our legs a bit – not too hard. Katas for the day were Jo no Kata and Heian Nidan, and we completed the main class with Bassai dai.

On Wednesday after a day trip to Auckland sky tower showing Sensei around Auckland, we went to Browns Bay Dojo for training. We did a number of leg work exercises, polymeric squats – loved every minute of it! We then did Kihon followed by Kihon ippon kumite followed by Kanku dai

On Thursday Sensei visited the Auckland museum and had a Māori cultural day with Cooper Shihan in the evening. Sensei Okamoto then went to Herald Island dojo, where we worked on fantastic leg work, squats, stance transitions and Kihon. Finally we then went through katas Heian Sandan and Kakuyoko Shodan.

On the Friday, Sensei Gilvan took Sensei Okamoto to the Devonport heads and did some site seeing for the morning. Then it was the turn of the Takapuna dojo. A great class of Kihon & Kata. We practiced Heian Nidan & Sochin.

The official JKS Auckland seminar was on Saturday at the Hillsborough Dojo. We began the first session with leg conditioning exercises and Kihon. Followed by katas Heian Nidan/Godan, Junro Shodan/Nidan and Koten kata Kakuyoku Nidan. In the second session we trained 2 hours of kumite and finished with kata Unsu after this Sensei Okamoto Dazzeled us with a brilliant demonstration of Sochin

Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu Sensei Okamoto it has been wonderful to getting to know you and train with you – Oss

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All our new Gi's supplied through the JKS Shop will now come with the JKS Badge embroidered on.

New service for club members - our own Sports Chaplain

Claus Fuchs, one of our Shodan karate-ka has qualified as a sports chaplain.

He is able to provide pastoral care, support, mentoring and guidance for any club member who may be struggling with personal issues, or the pressures of karate training, grading etc.

All discussions are strictly confidential and is there for your assistance.


Class Times

We have classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, plus train on Saturday mornings.


We like to encourage families to train together and therefor have great family package deals available.


We have dojos in Browns Bay and Takapuna on Auckland's North Shore, and in Orewa on the Hibiscus Coast.


Mark Costello


I train with another small club but come to this one on Saturday morning for great intense 2 hour session for seniors.

Tracy Lawrence

Student and parent

I joined initially to get fit but have found that my co-ordination and memory have improved as well. I have found a community of people who make the days more enjoyable.

Aaron Marsh


I came to investigate what the club was like and havent left since! Sean is an incredibly talented, knowledgeable and caring sensei (teacher). If you're interested in martial arts and self defense in a nurturing environment that you can trust and become a part of a family of like-minded students then this is the place. And its fun for the whole family!

Anton Van den Bergh


Sensei Sean has been a great support to me (Anton van den Bergh ~ Timaru) on my journey into the JKS family. A comment from spectator at last tournament; "I wished we had a Sensei like him" - pointing to Sensei Sean when asked who she was talking about.... she thought his omnipresence and encouragement of his students all day long, was a great example of being a true Sensei!!
Well done Sensei Sean! I will try to live up to your standards!!

Mokko 711


My son has attended this club for 8 months and loves going to the class. He seems to learn many technics for self self-defense. Also, I can see he respects others more than before.
This club encourages practice for the students and plans many events to keep students fun

Nicholas Denton-Giles

Student and parent

My son and I have been going to jks north shore for a year and a half now, I’ve found sensei Sean to be very passionate about karate and an excellent teacher. He has a high level of expectation from his students and wants them to be the best they can be. The little tigers class is also excellent, sensei James is very good with the kids. Great atmosphere and people!

Tish Tate


Awesome club! The Sense's are totally dedicated to the students, my son started as a "Little Tiger" 3 years ago, his grown so much, his become very disciplined & focused, not only in his Karate but also at school. His a lot more active & really looks forward to seeing the team at training. It's a great sport, though the students train hard, they earn the belt, they dont get rewarded for participation. GIVE IT A GO!!!

James lawrence

Student / Sensei

I met Sean though business, and found out he ran a dojo. I thought I would try the club, and haven't regretted the decision. My goal is primarily to get fit and enjoy the martial arts again. Sensei Sean and the JKS Karate club has challenged me, and allowed me to get back into karate after a very long break. The training sessions are fun, and informative. This is a really great club.

Jason patterson

Student and parent

I've been part of this club since last June. The teachers really know their stuff and the students are just awesome to train with. If u want to learn karate best place hands down.

GMC Coaching


So I started Karate at the age of 49 during one of our lockdowns, all my classes were online for the first month, I've had multiple injuries and have terrible flexibility due to years of other sports and accidents.
I've found the Sensei's to be super supportive and happy to work with my idiosyncrasy's, I improved so much in my first 2 months that I graded to White Belt yellow tip, I've enjoyed it so much I've convinced my neighbor to come along next term, in my opinion JKS is more than just a Karate Club, it's a community!